In 2018, with a larger team, the idea grew and took shape. The festival was increased to count 23 open gardens and the program included activities for all generations that illustrated aspects of environmental consciousness in line with the project’s identity.

This second edition was marked by higher attendance and excellent feedback given by the participants, guides, garden owners, our partnership companies and via social media.

At least 8,000 visitors were counted.

Inside the gardens that opened their gates during the last weekend of May different types of visits were organised: free visits, visits accompanied by a volunteer or visits guided by the proprietor or a specialist that gave information about the species, the landscape, the memory, identity or curiosities of each and every garden.

Workshops and talks were held in the fields of botany, social economy and sustainability, on top of various pedagogical and cultural activities.

Free Visits 
Estufa Fria de Lisboa | Jardim Botânico da Ajuda | Jardim das Marias | Jardim do Palácio de Belém | Palácio Beau Séjour | Pátio dos Prazeres

Limited Access 
Casa Nossa Senhora da Vitória | Jardim Beco do Monte | Jardim do Grémio Literário | Jardim do Palácio da Independência | Jardim do Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira | Parque Hortícola da Graça | Pátio/Horta do João e da Maria | Parque Vinícola de Lisboa | Quinta das Pintoras | Quinta de São Sebastião | Parque Hortícola da Graça

Guided Visits 
Estufa Fria de Lisboa — Eng. Alexandra Canha
Museu da Cidade / Palácio Pimenta — Antropólogo Rui Coelho
Palácio da Independência — Dra. Ana Maria Prosérpio e o Dr. João Reis Gomes
Parque Hortícola da Quinta da Granja — Dra. Graça Ribeiro
Jardim do Palácio de Belém conduzida pelos técnicos do Museu
Jardim Gulbenkian — Arq.a Aurora Carapinha
Centro Ismaili de Lisboa 

Design — Showing
Sustainable Cinema — Showing
Eco Picnic
Recicling — Workshop
How to reduce waste — Workshop
Dyeing with natural colours — Workshop
How to create Kokedamas and Seedbombing — Workshop
Wholesome nutrition — Workshop
Various pedagogical workshops 
Closing party


The pilot edition took place on 20 May 2017 and was organised as a walk. 3000 people applied for 80 available places.

Jardins Abertos 2017 constituted a moment of sharing in spaces (especially the private green spaces), prompting their inclusion into the societal framework and the realisation of a sense of their belonging to an urban environment, hence nurturing the communal spirit surrounding the gardens, and thus strengthening the city’s connection with its residents and visitors.

Visits to the 10 gardens of this first version of the festival were divided into 8 groups, each guided by a volunteer, and moved along a trajectory leading through different zones of the city: starting in Graça, passing through Mouraria, Rossio, Avenida da Liberdade, Rua do Século and culminating at the Praça das Flores in Príncipe Real, where the festival ended with a closing party that featured a DJ and gave participants from separate groups ample opportunity to share their experiences and ideas regarding the initiative.

Meeting Point
— Rua Josefa Maria nº15, Graça
Casa Nossa Senhora da Vitória
— Graça
Horta Comunitária da Graça
— Agricultura Biológica
Beco do Alegrete, Mouraria
— Vencedor do Concurso Rua Mais Florida de 1998
Jardins do Teatro Eden
— Av. da Liberdade
Gioia Food Lab, Praça da Alegria
— Jardins Verticais
Carpe Diem / Convento do Cardeais
— Rua do Século
Pátio da Dona Maria, Rua dos Prazeres 
— Pátio Mais Florido de Lisboa de 1999
Praça das Flores
— Festa de Encerramento com DJ Bernardo