Tomás Tojo

As a gardener and activist, he believes in a greener and more collaborative society. He develops projects using social economy, aligning aspects of gardening and creativity with his desire to accomplish social change. He adores people, grasses and herbs.

Rosana Ribeiro

Born in Lisbon, dancer and yoga instructor. An adherent to the zero waste project, she hopes to inspire people to a more conscious and caring attitude towards our planet. Favourite trees: olive trees due to their resilience, fig trees due to their fruits and jacarandas thanks to their colourful celebration of spring.

Maria Albergaria

Born and raised on Monte da Lua, Sintra, between the coastal sea breeze and the mists of the mountains.
She tropicalised herself during a seven-year stay in Rio de Janeiro. As producer and actor, she has been educated at the theatre since adolescence. She produces taking the calendar and natural cycles into account, and looks to harmonise people and potentiate ideas. Maidenhair and Rabbit’s Foot fern are her favourite plants. She researches about and uses medicinal plants.

Ana Rita Simões
Coordination and Formation of volunteers
Landscaping architect. Believes that every garden tells numerous stories that deserve to be shared. In people, in nature and its scenery she looks for the language that the world’s gardens are made of. Favourite plant: lime tree

Mafalda Bivar
Public Relations
Cork producer. Eternal lover of nature and the search for simple beauty. Quite fascinated by agaves and peonies.

Aline Macedo
From Rio de Janeiro. In love with the power of images and words: it’s with these elements that she designs worlds and creates bridges. A photographer, researcher and educator of the eye, her projects encourage the force of that which is organic and cyclical. Her focus lies in the awakening of the feminine and in the regard for nature’s own rhythm. Being and reflecting potency is what she does with the biggest enthusiasm. Maidenhair and laceleaf are her favourite plants.